【 #高考励志# 导语】高三不管你有多大压力,这一年你只能前进,不管你有多少无奈,这一次你只能拼博。下面是 分享的高三冲刺激励语英语大全(5篇)。欢迎阅读参考! 1.高三冲刺激励语英语 1、成功是努力的结晶,只有努力才会有成功。Success is the result of hard work. Only hard work can lead to success.2、如果你是一匹千里马,那么请做自己的伯乐。If you are a horse, please be your own bole.3、龙腾虎跃,雷霆万钧。The Dragon leaps and the tiger leaps.4、失败只有一种,那就是半途而废。There is only one kind of failure, which is to give up halfway.5、暗自伤心,不如立即行动。Its better to act now than to grieve in secret.6、祝你成功,成功之路始于脚下。I wish you success. The road to success begins at your feet.7、一心一意搞好高考复习,奋战百日报答父母深恩。Do a good job of college entrance examination review with all ones heart, fight hard to answer parents deep gratitude.8、天再高又怎样,踮起脚尖就更接近阳光。No matter how high the sky is, tiptoe will be closer to the sun.9、如果敌人让你生气,那说明你没有胜他的把握。If the enemy makes you angry, you are not sure of winning.10、成功与否,你都很棒。Success or not, you are great.2.高三冲刺激励语英语 1、一个人除非自己有信心,否则带给别人信心。A person can bring others confidence unless he has confidence.2、志存高远,扎实奋战,永不言累,定要成功!With lofty aspirations, we will fight solidly and never say we are tired. We will succeed!3、挥洒斗志抒无悔青春,挑战极限圆人生梦想。To express unrepentant youth, to challenge the ultimate circle of life dream.4、你若笃定了人生只有一次,便没有了随波逐流的理由。If you are determined that there is only one life, there is no reason to go with the flow.5、懂得的不需要,不懂的没必要!No need to understand, no need to understand!6、山外有山,楼外有楼,没有,只有更好。There are mountains outside the mountain and buildings outside the building. There is no best, only better.7、痛苦的记忆是泪水洗不净的,只有汗水才能把它冲掉。Painful memory is not washed by tears. Only sweat can wash it away.8、用勤奋弥补先天不足,让拼搏开辟后天之路。Make up for the deficiency with diligence, let the hard work open up the road of the day after tomorrow.9、要成功,先发疯,下定决心往前冲。To succeed, first go mad and make up your mind to move on.10、困难像弹簧,看你强不强,你强他就弱,你弱他就强。Difficulties are like springs. If you are strong, you will be weak. If you are weak, you will be strong.3.高三冲刺激励语英语 1、只有登上山顶,才能看到那边的风光。Can only be seen on the top of the hill, on the other side of the scene.2、成功的法则极为简单,但简单并不代表容易。The law of success is very simple, but simple doesnt mean easy.3、无限相信书籍的力量,是我的教育信仰的真谛之一。Infinite and believe in the power of books, is one of the true meaning of my belief education.4、世上只有失败的事,没有失败的人。The only failure of thing in the world, without fail.5、只会在水泥地上走路的人,永远不会留下深深的脚印。Can only walk on the concrete person, never left a deep footprint.6、只要愿意学习,就一定能够学会。As long as willing to learn, it will be able to learn.7、平时没有跑发卫千米,占时就难以进行一百米的冲刺。At ordinary times did not run hair who km, accounting for when it will be difficult to one hundred metres sprint.8、读书以过目成诵为能,最是不济事。Reading for GuoMuChengSong can, the most is weak.9、仅次于选择益友,就是选择好书。After choosing friends, is to choose a good book.10、再长的路,一步步也能走完,再短的路,不迈开双脚也无法到达。Again long way, step by step, also can go through, again a short road, do not stride feet cant reach.4.高三冲刺激励语英语 1、失败是坚韧的最后考验。Strength of the failure is the final test.2、达到重要目标有两个途径。There are two ways to important goal.3、自我控制是者的本能。Self-control is the strongest instinct.4、自己去做吧。不要依赖别人。Do it myself. Dont rely on others.5、不戚戚于贫贱,不汲汲于富贵。Works is not on earth, dont get busy embroidery.6、没有退路时潜能就发挥出来了。There is no escape route potential will play out.7、先相信自己,然后别人才会相信你。Believe in yourself first, and then others will believe you.8、好习惯成就一生,坏习惯毁人前程。Good habit a lifetime achievement, bad habit destroyed a future.9、信仰是伟大的情感,一种创造力量。Faith is a great emotion, a kind of creative power.10、成功的艺术处理的成就就是美。The art of successful treatment highest achievement is beauty.5.高三冲刺激励语英语 1、心如磐石固,志比松柏坚。The heart is as solid as a rock, and the ambition is stronger than the pine and cypress.2、树苗如果因为怕痛而拒绝修剪,那就永远不会成材。Tree seedlings declined to clip, if for fear of the pain and it will never become useful.3、海浪为劈风斩浪的航船饯行,为随波逐流的轻舟送葬。The waves to split the wind chopped waves ship farewell dinner, to go with the flow in the canoe of honor.4、只要能收获甜蜜,荆棘丛中也会有蜜蜂忙碌的身影。As long as it can harvest sweet, the brambles also there will be a busy bee.5、学到很多东西的诀窍,就是一下子不要学很多。Learn a lot of tricks, just suddenly dont learn a lot.6、忙于采集的蜜蜂,无暇在人前高谈阔论。Bees are busy collecting, too busy to talk in front of people.7、即使道路坎坷不平,车轮也要前进;即使江河波涛汹涌,船只也航行。Even if the bumpy road, the wheels also advance; Even choppy rivers, the ships navigation.8、学习必须如蜜蜂一样,采过许多花,这才能酿出蜜来。Learning must like bees, too many flowers, it to brew a honey.9、不管多么险峻的高山,总是为不畏艰难的人留下一条攀登的路。No matter how steep mountains, are always for those who left a climbing road.10、靠山山会倒,靠水水会流,靠自己永远不倒。Mountains will fall, waters will flow, and you will never fall by yourself.








www.ks5u.com 2018年山东高考理科数学模拟冲刺试题【含答案】 数学试卷(理科) 考生注意: 1.本试卷分第I卷(选择题)和第II卷(非选择题)两部分,共150分.考试时间120分钟. 2.请将各题答案填在试卷后面的答题卷上. 3.本试卷主要考试内容:高考全部内容.   第I卷 一、选择题(本题共10个小题,每小题5分,共50分,在每小题给出的四个选项中,只有一项是符合题目要求的) 1.若集合A={x|x2﹣x﹣6>0},集合B={x|﹣1<x<4},则A∩B等于(  ) A. B.(﹣2,3) C.(2,4) D.(3,4) 2.若复数z满足 (i为虚数单位),则z在复平面内对应的点位于(  ) A.第一象限 B.第二象限 C.第三象限 D.第四象限 4.在一次化学测试中,高一某班50名学生成绩的平均分为82分,方差为8.2,则下列四个数中不可能是该班化学成绩的是(  ) A.60 B.70 C.80 D.100 5.一个几何体的三视图如图所示,则该几何体的体积为(  ) A.3 B.4 C.5 D.6 10.设min{m,n}表示m、n二者中较小的一个,已知函数f(x)=x2 8x 14,g(x)=min{( )x﹣2,log2(4x)}(x>0),若x1∈[﹣5,a](a≥﹣4),x2∈(0, ∞),使得f(x1)=g(x2)成立,则a的最大值为(  ) A.﹣4 B.﹣3 C.﹣2 D.0 第II卷   17.(本小题满分12分) 如图,在多面体ABCDPE中,四边形ABCD和CDPE都是直角梯形,AB∥DC,PE∥DC,AD⊥DC,PD⊥平面ABCD,AB=PD=DA=2PE,CD=3PE,F是CE的中点. (1)求证:BF∥平面ADP; (2)求二面角B﹣DF﹣P的余弦值.         19.(本小题满分12分) 中学阶段是学生身体发育最重要的阶段,长时间熬夜学习严重影响学生的身体健康,某校为了解甲、乙两班学生每周自我熬夜学习的总时长(单位:时间),分别从这两个班中随机抽取6名同学进步调查,将他们最近一周自我熬夜学习的总时长作为样本数据,绘制成茎叶图如图所示(图中的茎表示十位数字,叶表示个位数字).如果学生平均每周自我熬夜学习的总时长超过22小时,则称为“过度熬夜”. (1)请根据样本数据,分别估计甲,乙两班的学生平均每周自我熬夜学习时长的平均值; (2)从甲班的样本数据中有放回地抽取2个数据,求恰有1个数据为“过度熬夜”的概率; (3)从甲班、乙班的样本中各随机抽取2名学生的数据,记“过度熬夜”的学生人数为X,写出X的分布列和数学期望E(X).       20.(本小题满分13分) 已知函数f(x)=(2x b)ex,F(x)=bx﹣lnx,b∈R. (1)若b<0,且存在区间M,使f(x)和F(x)在区间M上具有相同的单调性,求b的取值范围; (2)若F(x 1)>b对任意x∈(0, ∞)恒成立,求b的取值范围.     21.(本小题满分14分) 已知焦距为2 的椭圆C: =1(a>b>0)的右顶点为A,直线y= 与椭圆C交于P、Q两点(P在Q的左边),Q在x轴上的射影为B,且四边形ABPQ是平行四边形. (1)求椭圆C的方程; (2)斜率为k的直线l与椭圆C交于两个不同的点M,N. (i)若直线l过原点且与坐标轴不重合,E是直线3x 3y﹣2=0上一点,且△EMN是以E为直角顶点的等腰直角三角形,求k的值 (ii)若M是椭圆的左顶点,D是直线MN上一点,且DA⊥AM,点G是x轴上异于点M的点,且以DN为直径的圆恒过直线AN和DG的交点,求证:点G是定点. - 5 -