Most damagingly, anger weakens a person’s ability to think clearly and keep control over his behaviour. The angry person loses objectivity in evaluating the emotional significance of the person or situation that arouses his anger.最具破坏性的是,愤怒削弱了一个人清晰思考和控制自己行为的能力。愤怒的人在评估引起他愤怒的人或情况的情感意义时会失去客观性。Not everyone experiences anger in the same way; what angers one person may amuse another. The specific expression of anger also differs from person to person based on biological and cultural forces.In contemporary culture, physical expressions of anger are generally considered too socially harmful to be tolerated.We no longer regard duels as an appropriate expression of anger resulting from one person’s awareness of insulting behaviour on the part of another.并非每个人都以同样的方式经历愤怒;激怒一个人的事可能会逗乐另一个人。基于生物和文化力量,愤怒的具体表达也因人而异。在当代文化中,愤怒的身体表达通常被认为对社会危害太大,无法容忍。我们不再将决斗视为一个人意识到另一个人的侮辱行为而产生的愤怒的适当表达。Anger can be identified in the brain, where the electrical activity changes. Under most conditions EEG measures of electrical activity show balanced activity between the right and left prefrontal areas. Behaviourally this corresponds to the general even-handed disposition that most of us possess most of the time. But when we are angry the EEG of the right and left prefrontal areas aren’t balanced and, as a result of this, we’re likely to react.And our behavioural response to anger is different from our response to other emotions, whether positive or negative.愤怒可以在大脑中识别出来,那里的电活动会发生变化。在大多数情况下,脑电图(脑电图) 电活动测量显示左右前额叶的活动平衡(额叶前部) 区域。在行为上,这与一般的公平处置相对应(意向) 我们大多数人拥有大部分时间。但当我们愤怒时,左右前额叶的脑电图并不平衡,我们可能会做出反应。我们对愤怒的行为反应不同于我们对其他情绪的反应,无论是积极的还是消极的。愤怒可以在大脑中识别出来,那里的电活动会发生变化。在大多数情况下,脑电图对电活动的测量显示左右前额叶区域的活动平衡。从行为上来说,这与我们大多数人在大多数时候所拥有的一般中立意向相对应。但当我们愤怒时,左右前额叶的脑电图并不平衡,我们可能会做出反应。我们对愤怒的行为反应不同于我们对其他情绪的反应,无论是积极的还是消极的。Most positive emotions are associated with approach behaviour: we move closer to people we like. Most negative emotions, in contrast, are associated with avoidance behaviour: we move away from people and things that we dislike or that make us anxious.But anger is an exception to this pattern.The angrier we are, the more likely we are to move towards the object of our anger.This corresponds to what psychologists refer to as offensive anger: the angry person moves closer in order to influence and control the person or situation causing his anger. This approach-and-confront behaviour is accompanied by a leftward prefrontal asymmetry of EEG activity. Interestingly, this asymmetry lessens if the angry person can experience empathy towards the individual who is bringing forth the angry response. In defensive anger, in contrast, the EEG asymmetry is directed to the right and the angry person feels helpless in the face of the anger-inspiring situation.大多数积极情绪都与趋向行为有关:我们更接近我们喜欢的人。相比之下,大多数负面情绪都与回避行为有关:我们远离我们不喜欢或让我们焦虑的人和事。但愤怒是这种模式的一个例外。我们越愤怒,就越有可能走向愤怒的目标。这与心理学家所说的冒犯性愤怒相对应:愤怒的人走近一些,以影响和控制引起他愤怒的人或情况。这种方法和对抗行为伴随着脑电图活动的左前额叶不对称。有趣的是,如果愤怒的人能够体验到对做出愤怒反应的人的同理心,这种不对称就会减轻。相反,在防御性愤怒中,脑电图的不对称性指向右侧,愤怒的人在愤怒激发的情况下感到无助。




Most people give little thought to the Pens they write with, especially since the printer. In modern homes and offices mean that very 36 things are handwritten.All too often,people buy a pen based only on 37 ,and wonder why they are not satisfied 38 They begin to use it.However,buying a Pen that you11 enjoy is not 39 if You keep the following in mind. First of all.a pen should fit comfortably in your hand and be 40 to use.The thickness of the pen is the most important characteristic(特征) 4l comfort.Having a small hand and thick fingers,you may be comfortable with a thin pen. If you have a 42 hand and thicker fingers,you may 43 a fatter pen.The length of 8 pen call 44 influence comfort.A pen that is t00 45 can easily feel top-heavy and unstable. Then,the writing point of the pen should 46 the ink to flow evenly(均匀地)while the pen remains in touch with the paper. 47 will make it possible for you to create a 48 line of writing. The point should also be sensitive enough to 49 ink from running when the pen is lifted.A point that does not block the 50 may leave drops of ink, 51 you pick the pen up and put it down again. 52,the pen should make a thick, dark line. Fine—line pens may 53 bad handwriting,but fine,delicate lines do not command 54 next to printed text,as, 55 ,a signature on a printed letter. A broad line ,on other hand,gives an impression of confidence and authority (权威).

36. A. many B. few C. pleasant D. important 37. A.1ooks B. reason C. value D. advantages 38. A. once B. if C. because D. though 39. A. convenient B. easy C. hard D. difficult 40. A. heavy B. easy C. hard D. safe

41. A. taking B. finding C. determining D. seeking

42. A. stronger B. weaker C. Smaller D.1arger 43. A. prefer B. recommend C. prepare D. demand

44. A. hardly B. allow C. never D. Still

45. A. thick B. 1ight C.1ong D. soft

46. A. change B. allow C. reduce D. press

47. A They B. One C. This D. Some 48. A thin B. rough C. black D. Smooth

49. A prevent B. free C. protect D. Remove

50. A way B. Sight C. flow D. Stream51. A so B. as C. and D. Yet 52. A Meanwhile B. Generally C. Afterwards D. Finally 53. A show up B. differ from C. Break down D. compensate for

54. A attention B. support C. respect D. Admission 55. A at most B. For example C. in brief D. on purpose2011年When I begin planning to move to Auckland to study, my mother was worried about a lack of jobs and cultural differences. Ignoring these ___36___, I got there in July 2010. __37__ I arrived, I realized the importance of getting a job __38__ my living experience. Determined to do this __39__ , I spent several weeks going door-to-door for a job, but found __40__ response(回应).

One afternoon, I walked into a building to ask __41__ there were my job opportunities(机会). The people there advised me not to continue my job search in that __42__. As I was about to __43__, a man who had been listening approached me and asked me to wait outside __44__. Nearly ten minutes later, he __45__. He asked me about my plans and encouraged me to stay __46__. Then he offered to take me to Royal Oak to __47__ a job.

I was a little surprised, but had a __48__ feeling about him. Along the way, I realized that I had __49__ resumes(简历). Seeing this, the man __50__ at his business partner’s office to make me fifteen __51__ copies. He also gave me some __52__ on dressing and speaking. I handed out my resumes and went home feeling very __53__. The following day, I received a __54__ from a store in Royal Oak offering me a job.

It seems that the world always __55__ to you when you need it. And this time, it was a complete stranger who turned out to be a real blessing.36.A.doubts B.concerns C.instructions D.reasons

37.A.Even if B.Every time C.Now that D.Soon after

38.A.of C.for D.with

39.A. on my own B.on my way any chance the day

40.A.any B.much C.some D.little

41.A.why B.wherever C.whether D.whenever

42.A.direction B.attitude C.language D.manner

43.A.answer C.leave D.refuse

44.A.for ever any time usual D.for a while

45.A.returned B.hesitated C.passed D.regretted

46.A.silent B.busy C.positive D.comfortable

47.A. pick out for C.take on D.give up

48.A.dull B.good C.guilty D.general

49.A.made use of B.taken care of out of D.become tired of

50.A.stopped B.knocked C.glanced D.appeared 51.A.right B.more C.former D.different

52.A.pressures B.agreements C.impressions D.suggestions 53.A.lonely B.funny C.disappointed D.satisfied B.tip C.present

55.A.turns off B.goes over back D.looks up 2012年

When I settled in Chicago,my new city seemed so big and unfriendly, Then I had a 36 problem and had to go to hospital for a 37 examination.It seemed a small 38 compared to the one I was about to face ,but things started to go 39 right from the beginning , Not having a car or 40 the city, I was depending on a couple of buses to get me from A to B, 41 I’d left myself plenty of time, soon it was 42 I was going to be late, as I had mistakenly boarded a bus that was taking me in the 43 direction.I 44 the bus and stood on the pavement not knowing what to do, I looked into the eyes of a 45 , who was trying to get past me, 46 , instead of moving on ,she stopped to ask if I was 47 , After I explained my 48 to her, she pointed to a bus stop across the street , where a bus would take me back into the city to my 49 . Sitting there waiting, I felt 50 that someone had been willing to help . 51 , hearing a horn (喇叭) nearby, I looked up to see a car with my new friend 52 at me to get in, She had returned to offer me a 53 to the hospital.Such unexpected 54 from a passer-by was a lovely gift to receive. As I climbed out of the car at the hospital and turned to thank her, she smiled and told me not to lose 55 , for all things are possible.

36. A. physical B. traveling C. social D. housing

37. A. scientific B. final C.previousD. thorough

38A. chance B. challenge C. success D. error

39. A. wrong B. easy C. fast D. ahead

40. A. leaving B. visiting C. knowing D. appreciating

41. A. Although B. Since C. Unless D. Once

42. A. strange B. necessary C. obvious D. important

43. A. same B. right C. general D. opposite

44. A. looked at B. waited for C. got off D. ran into

45. A. driver B. friend C. stranger D. gentleman 46. A. Especially B. Surprisingly C. Probably D. Normally

47. A. nervous B. excited C. OK D. dangerous

48. A. idea B. motivation C. excuse D. situation

49. A. appointmentB. apartment C. direction D. station

50A. afraid B. grateful C. certain D. disappointed

51. A. Thus B. Then C. Perhaps D. Surely

52. A. staring B. laughing C. waving D. shouting

53. A. lift B. suggestion C. bike D. guidebook

54. A. results B. news C. kindness D. appearance

55. A. Power B. Faith C. Touch D.Support2013年

If you want to learn a new language, the very first thing to think about is why. Do you need it for a ___36_____ reason, such as your job or your studies?___37____ perhaps you’re interested in the ___38____ ,films or music of a different country and you know how much it will help to have a ___39____ of the language. Most people learn best using a variety of ___40____, but traditional classes are an ideal(理想的)start for many people. They ___41___ an environment where you can practice under the ___42___ of someone who’s good at the language. We all lead ___43___ lives and learning a language takes __44___. You will have more success if you study regularly, so try to develop a ___45___. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got long. Becoming fluent in a language will take years, but learning to get by takes __46____.

Many people start learning a language and soon give up. “I’m too __47___,” they say. Yes, children do learn languages more __48___ than adults, but research has shown that you can learn a language at any ___49___. And learning is good for the health of your brain, too. I’ve also heard people ___50___ about the mistakes they make when ___51___. Well, relax and laugh about your mistakes __52____ you’re much less likely to make them again.

Learning a new language is never ___53___. But with some work and devotion, you’ll make progress. And you’ll be ___54____ by the positive reaction of some people when you say just a few words in ___55___ own language. Good luck!

36. A. technical B. political C. practical D. physical

37. A. After B. So C. Though D. Or 38.A literature B. transport C.agriculture D. medicine

39.A view B. knowledge C. form D. database

40.A paintings B. regulations C. methods D. computers

41.A. protect B. change C. respect D. provide

42.A. control B. command C. guidance D. pressure43.A. busy B. happy C. simple D. normal44.A. courage B. time C. energy D. place

45.A. theory B. business C. routine D. project

46.A. some risks B. a lot less C. some notes D. a lot more

47.A. old B. nervous C. weak D. tired

48.A. closely B. quickly C. privately D. quietly

49.A. age B. speed C. distance D. school

50.A. worry B. hesitate C. think D. quarrel

51.A. singing B. working C. bargaining D. learning

52.A. if B. and C. but D. before

53.A. tiresome B. hard C. interesting D. easy

54.A. blamed B. amazed C. interrupted D. informed

55.A. their B. his C. our D. your


2018届的江苏高考生可能使用新高考方案,届时高考总分可能增加至780分,比现在的480分足足高出300分!如果这成为现实,江苏将从现在的高考总分全国最低,变为全国前列。学业水平测试科目可能在高二就学完、考完—现代快报记者从有关渠道了解到,正在酝酿中的高考新方案,存在以上可能性。 在这个可能的方案中,计分科目分值具体为:语文180分、数学180分、英语150分(100分笔试 50分听说)、选测科目变为三门,各90分(其中两门高校指定,一门学生自选)。随后记者采访了相关的高校和中学,高校表示,可能仍按大文大理定选科,而中学方面,已经在提前酝酿增加语数教师,重排课表。 新方案可能有哪些变化? 变化 7月10日,记者从相关人士处获悉,新方案中的总分,可能将华丽转身为780分,“逆袭”为全国居前列的高总分。 可能的方案中,780分的总分是这样分配的:语文、数学各180分,英语150分,三门选测科目各90分。 在新方案中,语文、数学两科不再是因为文、理倾向,有附加分,而将是完全一样的分值;英语从120分,升至了150分,100分笔试,50分听说—特别引人注目的是,其中增加了以前不计分的口语;选测科目从两门计等级,变为三门计分,每门90分,其中两门为高校指定,一门为学生自选。 语数外分值调整,选测三门计分 7月10日,江苏省教育部门相关负责人接受记者采访时表示,将由高校对选测科目提出要求,江苏高考新方案中,物理化学等选测科目将由等级制转化为计分制。 高校将如何确定科目和分数?南京一所高校相关负责人表示,届时,高校可能将按照文理科确定两门选测科目。“到底选那几门科目不会具体细化到专业,但会按照文理科大类来区分,例如理科专业基本会要求选测物理、化学,医学院必选生物,文科专业选择历史、政治。” 该负责人说,“高校录取时,将选测科目的分数计入总分,按照从高到低的原则参与专业排序。”有专家指出,选测科目计入总分,总分势必增加,这对于提高考生的区分度是有利的。 选测科目将由等级制转化为计分制 英语口语听力一年两考,口语也计入总分 在拟定的江苏高考新方案中,“英语一年两考先从口语和听力开始,计入总分,笔试会考虑逐渐纳入一年两考。”这一变化,受到中学特别是城市中学师生的普遍肯定。 “其实我们之前都通过多渠道反映过,口语应该计入总分,现在真实现了,觉得是学生的一种福音。”江苏一所城市四中学的校长表示,学外语就是为了交际运用,以前不重视口语,不计分,学生学的是哑巴英语。现在口语将计入总分,这是一种很好的导向,不管是城市还是农村的学校,都会更注重口语。南京初二学生家长顾女士认为,口语计分会直接影响学校对口语的重视程度。“如果现在开始增加口语教学,到高中毕业,孩子用英语交流应该不成问题了。” 可能会带来哪些影响? 对于中学来说,新高考方案肯定会带来师资要求的调整。“如果真是高三只学语数外,那语数老师不够的。”一位中学校长说,现在高三通常是语文、英语一个老师教两个班,数学有可能教一个班,也可能是两个班。“以语文学科为例,一个老师的一周满课时是12课时,如果以后增加了课时,两个班一周一个老师可能最多要上28节课,这根本不可能。”这位校长说,人手不够,就只能从高一高二调人,那高一高二就需要增加新教师,这需要编制,也需要时间储备。 他还表示,英语口语要求提高了,选测科目计分,这些都会对师资有更高要求。 师资:语数老师要增加,英语老师压力大 课表:高三的课表要调整,加入音乐美术 “如果高二结束所有选测科目的学习,那学生高三就只有语数外三门高考科目,再加上体育,任何学生都吃不消这样的排课。”一位校长说,学校已经在考虑未来调整课表。 这位校长表示,“比如把高一的音乐和美术的课时,调到高三,给学生调节一下状态。” 高三一天排进课表的有八节课,也有学校表示,实在不行,看学生的状态,也会多增加自习课。“学习每一门课都要有消化的时间,语数外上太多了,学生消化不了也是白费。” 分班:从高一结束提前到高一上学期结束 目前江苏的高中生,多在高一下学期进行选科分班,目前较流行的是五种模式。即物化组合、物生组合、物地组合、史政组合、史地组合。 一所四高中校长表示,如果真实行这个方案,学校可能从原来的高一结束分班,提前到高一上学期结束时就分班。“因为以前选测科目是和语数外一起在高三考的,未来高二就要考完,还是要重点保证选的三门。” 他表示,通常有一部分学生的文理兼优,所以不会特别明确三门,学校预计会选择三四个班,让这些学生能够六科都全力学习,这样他们最终选择高校和专业时,范围也更广。 7月11日9时至15时 填提前批征平志愿 提醒:贫困专项计划还有69个征平名额 文理科提前批暂时没有被录取的同学不要灰心,你们的机会又来啦。根据江苏省教育考试院高招日程安排,文理科提前录取本科批次填报征平志愿的时间为7月11日9:00至15:00。今年首次面向全省12个县招生的贫困专项计划还有69个名额,小伙伴们可以大胆填报。 本次征求平行志愿包括军事(含预备军官学员、国防生)、公安政法、航海、农村贫困地区定向招生及其他院校共5类计划。考生只能在5类计划中选择其一填报,5类计划之间不得兼报。今年,苏州大学、扬州大学、南京师范大学等11所省属高校首次拿出在本一批次招生的50个计划,向江苏丰县、睢宁县、泗洪县等12个实施脱贫奔小康工程重点县(区)的农村户籍考生敞开大门。 现代快报记者9日采访了相关学校获悉,这些农村贫困学生录取情况良好,录取专业有的是学校优势专业,就业前景良好。今年是江苏首次实施贫困学生专项招生,在提前批投档时,5所学校还有69个招生计划缺额。理科中,南师大还有7个招生计划,南中医有20个,南通大学有13个。文科中,南信大有7个招生计划,江苏师范大学有22个。这些缺额计划将依旧用于贫困学子。 艺术类提前批公办本科 第2小批录取7月11日结束 7月10日,江苏省教育考试院发布,艺术类提前录取公办本科第2小批的投档、录取工作10日开始进行。该小批院校为根据专业省统考成绩录取考生的省内外高校的艺术类本科专业,共有院校154所,计划招生5862人,共投出考生6145人。从投档情况看,该批次平行志愿满足率较高,绝大部分院校生源充足,仅个别院校计划有缺额。 艺术类提前录取公办本科院校第2小批录取工作将于今天结束,7月12日将开始进行第3小批院校志愿录取工作。